It’s Time to Do the ‘womple!

The Grand Coddiwomple, that is!

The BMW MOA is excited to announce a new riding event for 2021 called the Grand Coddiwomple. What is a coddiwomple, you ask? Well, the word coddiwomple means to “travel in a purposeful manner toward a vague destination.” In motorcycle riding terms, it is a large-scale scavenger hunt created to give MOA members opportunities to ride their motorcycles and have loads of fun!

The basis of the Coddiwomple is to ride your bike to various physical locations called “Challenges.” Once you have reached a challenge, provide proof you were there by taking a photo of your bike, the Challenge location, and your individually numbered Grand Coddiwomple flag. Each Challenge carries a point value and while some you can only complete once, others have no limit.

Riders who complete The Grand Coddiwomple earn bragging rights, a Certificate of Completion suitable for framing, and a commemorative pin. And the rider with the highest point total will be named the winner and receive a special, major award! There will also be prize pools for those with the highest point totals.

This year the overall theme is based on the slogan and location of the 2021 BMW MOA Rally in Great Falls, Montana. The “Gold, Saddle Up and Ride Challenge” will earn you 200 points by spelling out the words “SADDLE UP AND RIDE” using the first letter of different place names. Another Challenge worth 50 points each requires a photo of a place name which includes the word “Falls.” Riders can also earn 50 points by somehow depicting the phrase, “Falling in Love!”

Grand Coddiwomple rules and Challenges are fully spelled out on the Coddiwomple registration website at This event runs from April 1, 2021, through October 31, 2021, with registration opening on February 2, 2021. Participation is limited to the first 1,000 entrants and it is free to MOA members. Register early to ensure your place and to receive your flag by the April 1 start date.

Have fun planning your ride and riding your plan! It’s The Grand Coddiwomple!

A FAQ page is available for the Grand Coddiwomple - find your answers there!