Touratech Announces Fork Cartridge Conversion for the BMW F 850 GS, GSA

The BMW F 850 GS and GSA are excellent mid-sized adventure bikes with a nice blend of on-road and off-road capabilities. As with many bike models, the suspension can be improved with aftermarket upgrades. The latest release from Touratech Suspension is the Fork Cartridge Conversion Kit, which transforms the handling characteristics by replacing the stock internals with a fully adjustable closed-cartridge system.

The direct-damping technology ensures the fork will have smooth and consistent performance, even in punishing environments. It also features hydraulic bottoming prevention, which acts like a pillow at the end of the stroke to smooth out the ride in demanding terrain. The Touratech Fork Cartridge Conversion Kit gives riders the ability to tune performance with rebound, compression and preload adjustments which are conveniently made on top of the fork caps.

"I’ve had trips where a fork seal started to leak, and I felt the damping performance diminish as oil was lost. My favorite feature of this upgrade is that the damping oil is in a closed cartridge, which ensures consistent damping even if the fork leg leaks some lubrication oil," said Paul Guillien, CEO of Touratech-USA.

Installation is straightforward with the simple drop-in setup. No machining or modifications required. The cartridge comes pre-sprung, filled with oil and charged with nitrogen; the kit includes everything you need to install it.